Jacqueline Asker

Consultant - Visual Director*

Synergism of Branding Offline & Online

Maximize your chances for success trough today's global media. Jacqueline Asker develops strategy, designs and delivers visual, targeted communication that strikes at the mind's eyes. Through a blend of offline and online digital media she helps you to deliver clear, consistent messages that build and maintain your brand from vision to reality. Please, click on pictures to read examples of missions below:


Jacqueline Asker develops your brand and offers Synergism of Branding Offline & Online; conceptual solutions in visual communication. She has years of experience in transforming culture settings into functional design both for large multinationals as well as small to mid-sized organisations, in the following targeted areas:

  • Management
  • Business Development & Communication (copy)
  • Visual Strategy Offline & Online
  • Conceptual Solutions in Design Offline & Online
  • Production Offline & Online (Webdesign & UX)
  • Digital Marketing Online

methodology and process simplifies project and brand management for clients and enables a focus on quality delivery based on the following:

  1. Needs analysis
  2. Goals, objectives and desired effect 
  3. Strategy planning
  4. Copy, creative design process Offline & Online
  5. Implementation
  6. Follow-up and evaluation


She collaborates with large multinational and small companies for project completion. Launches projects, campaigns in international market. Managing client relations and subcontractor negotiations, selling deals and finalizing contracts. Develops project plans and targets, creating communication and schedule strategies. 

Major national and international clients. ​Jacqueline Asker delivers projects from inception to completion in Swedish, English and French.